NOTICE: This blog has been discontinued. But I've got a new website, scheduled to be fully operational by July, 2014! Click on the provided link or on the image/link in the post below to take a peak at what the website has to offer.

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BUILD YOUR RUNNING BODY - book by Pete Magill, et al.

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While this blog might have been discontinued, I certainly didn't discontinue my writing, as many of this blog's visitors know. I wrote for Running Times magazine for 6 years, and I had my first running book, Build Your Running Body, published this in July, 2014. Here's a basic rundown on the book:

"BUILD YOUR RUNNING BODY is the first whole-body, photo-illustrated fitness manual for runners. Whether you’re a beginner looking to train for the first time or an experienced runner hoping to improve your personal best at 5K or the marathon, Build Your Running Body offers a breakthrough exercise plan that will carry you to your fitness goal. You’ll learn to build your fitness from the ground up, targeting the individual components--muscles, connective tissue, cardiovascular system, nervous system, hormones, and more--that power each step you take.
In the book you'll find:
  • 9 chapters on running components (what they are & how best to train them)
  • 350+ photos as part the photo-instruction for more than 150 workouts, exercises, and stretches
  • 6 chapters on diet and nutrition
  • Sample training schedules for runners of all levels
  • Training plans for the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon
  • An injury-prevention chart for 40+ common running injuries, including recommended exercises for prevention of each
  • Advice on creating your own, individualized training program
  • Advice on running gear (what you need for different climate, terrain, and training intensities)
  • Pace charts for all workouts and major race distances
  • Calorie charts for all workouts
  • Dozens of recipes for healthy and delicious fueling
  • Detailed analysis of various cross training options
  • A glossary of words and phrases that you'll use while navigating the world of running
Improved running performance and whole-body fitness aren't unsolved mysteries. Coaches, athletes, and exercise physiologists have been working on both for decades, and the giant leaps forward in fitness and performance speak for themselves. The trick lies in utilizing advances in training to achieve your own fitness goals. The truth is that your body is an incredibly complex biological machine with hundreds of working parts, and good training demands that you target all of them. Build Your Running Body is dedicated to a simple principle: If you want to become a better runner, you must begin by building a better running body."

NOTE: My next book, The Born Again Runner, is due for release in Summer, 2016. Click on the image below for that book's Amazon page.

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I'm launching a new website that will offer videos, training tips, injury advice, training programs, coaching, classes, and great products to aid your running. The website is live, although it's currently in its infancy, with many features still under construction. To take a look, click on this image/link:

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